I am a 3D Printing Enthusiast in Chennai. In this website I will be posting all my 3D printed Stirling engines, Steam engines and many other miniature/Kids toy models. If you are interested in purchasing these models, feel free to reach out to me at my google business site here or fill out the contact us form here.

Click on images to view the run video of each model...

The balloon series: Kids based products

Balloon train

Balloon car

Balloon boat

Air engine- Single acting

Air engine car

The best friend of Charleston model

Balloon powered boat 2.0 with wheels


Miniature train models:

Best friend of Charleston train set-NONST

Miniature Vintage models:

Miniature steam engine

Miniature Penny-Farthing Bicycle

Miniature Coin collection box

Mini version of Trevithick's Steam locomotive

Mini Stephenson's Rocket steam engine

Mini The best friend of Charleston 

Stirling engine concept based models:

What are Stirling engines?

Stirling engines are external combustion engines that extracts work by compression and expansion of fluid (fluid can be either air or any other gas) at varying temperatures. Stirling engines are closed cycle in nature (the working fluid is contained air tight inside a container).

Every stirling engine contains a displacer piston and power piston. The count depends on the configuration like alpha, beta and Gamma.

What comes with your Stirling engine model?

Oscillating Marble Stirling engine

Stirling engine car

Stirling engine fan

Alpha Stirling engine

Walking Beam Stirling engine

Hot water Stirling engine

Ross-Yoke Stirling engine

Rhombic drive Stirling engine

Stirling engine Car

Coffee Cup Stirling engine

Stirling engine train

Plug and Play Stirling engine

Stirling engine roller

Marble Car v2.0

Double beam Stirling engine- Strandbeest addon

Double beam Stirling engine- Trevithick's steam locomotive addon

Stirling engine car-3 wheeled

Plug and Play v2.0

Nuts/Bolt Stirling engine

Marble Stirling engine

Oscillating Stirling engine

Ross-Yoke Stirling engine v2.0

Stirling engine car

Stirling engine car with Steering and two level Gear system

Stirling engine car with trailer attached

Stirling engine car with Ferris wheel attached

Stirling Engine car with two trailers

Alpha Stirling engine 2.0

Standalone models/addon: (Every addon can be customized to suit your needs)

Strandbeest linkages

Ferris wheel

Baker fan

Trevithick's Steam locomotive

Ferris wheel 2.0




Steam engine concept based models:

What are Steam engines?

Steam engines the ones where water is heated to produce steam and the steam power is transformed into mechanical power by means of piston cylinder mechanism. Later the mechanical power can be utilized for transportation, electricity generation and many purposes.

Popular mechanisms are single acting, double acting engine and steam powered high speed turbine wheel.

What comes with your Steam engine model?